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3D Slicer Course, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

The 3D Slicer Course at Linköping University aims at introducing PhD students to brain connectivity mapping using diffusion tensor imaging tractography. The course includes didactic lectures and hands-on sessions using pre-computed datasets.

Course Faculty

Course Organizers

Course Agenda

September 30, 2019

October 1, 2019

Workshop Materials

Participants are required to install the workshop materials prior to the event.


Slicer 4.10.2 Stable Release Version rev. 28257

Tutorial Datasets

Dataset #1: 3D Visualization DICOM

Dataset #2: Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Dataset #3: Brain Mapping

Dataset #4: Meningioma


For questions related to the event, please send an e-mail to spujol at